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Bicycles are an ever growing interest to the young and old as more and more people are trying to take care of their health. What way is better, then to get on your bicycles and just cruise till your hearts content.

Bicycles can provide many health benefits and alleviate many of the concerns that are associated with jogging and running. Issues that implicate a knee or ankle injury are not an issue in most cases as all pressure is alleviated from the lower part of the body.

The issue that we would like to discuss is bicycle theft! As bikes become more and more expensive with an ever growing popularity, the reality is that bicycle theft is an ever growing issue and concern. To help the problem a group of licensed Locksmiths have helped to create bicycle Locks that not only work in conduction with the bicycle but offer security that is well beyond your typical master lock and bike chain.

For years people rode a bike with a combination lock or pad lock with a chain attached to the the frame of the bicycle. The chain and pad lock were heavy as the locks are not made for convenience. This Lock weighed down the bicycle and made it difficult to ride as well. The locks and chains that were used for the bikes protection, did more harm then good as it scratched up the frame of the bicycle.

For that very reason a group of Brooklyn Locksmiths in North America and abroad, felt that they needed to come up with a way to provide adequate security for the bike while providing the rider with superior comfort and protection against the damages that a chain and pad lock would cause with the movement of the bike.

There are many types of Locks that can now secure your number one health obsession and they are sold in many Locksmith shops. Brooklyn locksmith shops are especially known for carrying bike locks and many other forms of security for bicycles as the ever growing trend has reached new heights in popularity in Kings county Brooklyn. Brooklyn New York has experienced a baby boom of young professionals from all walks of life as they inhabit many areas of Brooklyn because of the lower rents and easy commute the Manhattan.

NYC has become so popular that many NYC Locksmith companies that were once on the brink of destruction are now suddenly experiencing wealth and an ever-growing need for security. One of these many causes is the need for properly protecting your bicycle. Knowledge is key when searching for a locksmith that you can trust, but when focused on the protection of your bicycle locks a bike locksmith is what you will need to find to ensure the security of your prized possession.

When searching for a bike lock their are some things that you should consider as there are many factors that will play a major role in the security of your bike and your over all comfort.

We spoke to a Brooklyn locksmith shop and they had several locks that were sold and on display. The Locksmith also stated that none of the locks for bikes on the market ensured absolute protection and they were more of a means to deter a thief as opposed to a way of stopping one.

The First Bicycle Lock that we looked at was the OnGuard 8020 Mastiff. It retailed for about $90 USD and the lock was aimed at providing big city protection. The mastiff Bike lock is constructed from hardened steel chain link and are made to with stand standard attacks such as attempts to cut the chain with a hack saw. The truth is that i do not feel many bike theirs are walking around aiming to steal a bike with a hacksaw. It’s just not a very discreet way of stealing a bike.

The next Lock that we noticed was a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini which retailed for around $110 dollars. The Locksmith stated that he felt the lock was made for areas with minimal crime where as to secure a wheel to a bike frame would be sufficient. The Locks strong points are that they are resistant to bolt cutters. With the locks unique design, it secures each end of the U- shaped bolt, so a bike the of would have to cut both sides of the lock in order to obtain access.

Covina Cycle Club would like to take the time to urge everyone to properly secure your bicycles especially in Covina as bicycle theft is becoming a major concern.